Your code should be in production rocket
not waiting clock for feedback
Is your code "stuck" because team members ...
.. are not directly notified of PR assignments in team chat?
.. have to remind each other to start or finish code reviews?
.. struggle to stay on top of GitHub comment threads?
.. are asked to review code they do not maintain?
.. are asked to review code when unavailable?
You need a pull request assignment system that can:
Select better-qualified reviewers based on file patterns
Notify developers in Slack directly
Notify developers of PR comments and replies
Pause assignments based on Slack "out of office" emojis
* Always assign specific users to critical files
* Remind engineers to review code
* Pause/throttle reviews for busy team members
* In development
This integration will NOT request access to your code
Free for early adopters
Org accounts get up to 25 reviewers (limited-time offer)
Free for personal accounts
Have a personal GitHub account? No limits - go wild.
Connect GitHub users to Slack with one sweet move
Connect to Slack
Define file patterns to prioritize code reviewers
Choose file patterns
Leave people alone
(based on Slack status)
Beach emoji Sick emoji
Notify directly
Direct Slack notifcations
Notify in group channels
Channel Slack notifications
Keep track of comment threads
Slack comment thread notifcations
There is a TEST MODE
Take Friendly Fire for a drive but do not assign actual reviewers in GitHub.